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Westwood Map
Westwood is Cincinnati's largest neighborhood.  We have every kind of Retail store, chain restaurant, great small local establishments and we can go downtown or Clifton without getting on the highway. Its the reason we moved here 15 years ago, after extensive searching, a year, through Hyde Park for a home, Alan, Alex and I moved to Westwood because the housing stock was very similar, but the yards are larger, the prices were lots cheaper and it is actually closer to downtown and the airport.  Schools are the same public system, and we ended up going private route anyway until Alex decided she wanted to go to Walnut Hills.  We now have Dater which is the west side alternative for above average, college preparatory schools.  We are very lucky to have Mercy girls school, with Elder and Xavier boys schools close by, all in the catholic system and all excellent.  Check out this boundary map, we get thrown in with East Westwood and Fairmont but as I have found in Real Estate, there are a lot of hard working, middle class people living in E. Westwood that have been there for years and there children move close by.  It gets a much worse rap by all of us than it deserves.   Through the continued effort of our strong Civic Associations, Westwood has remained a beautiful village, the continued improvement is striking as many old apartments have been demolished over the last 2 years and the Queen City Avenue street scaping is fantastic. 
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